Speaking Truth in Love

Jesus Christ was born of a women. His purpose for coming to this world was to bring us grace and truth, and ultimately save us from sin.  However, for some of us, we act just like Pilate. We are totally unaware of what truth is.  It is with this in mind that we invite you to come to Norton Street, and hear the truth of God spoken in our bible classes and sermons.  We speak the truth in love because we know that it will free us from the bondage of sin.



Worshiping in Spirit & Truth

Throughout many generations, man have sought out many schemes when it comes to God's worship. Nonetheless, there was no need for such fabrication.  God has left us the proper way on how we need to worship Him.  He reveal it to the Samaritan women. In that encounter, the Lord told her that the day would come when all humanity would  worship God in spirit and truth.  We invite you to come and experience  worship in spirit and truth at Norton Street.  


Living what we Learn

Christians are to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord.  It is essential for their Christian life, so they can rightly divide God's word. However, let us not forget that the application of God's Word is as equally important to the Christian.  But the application process is not an easy one.  We at Norton are Christians helping people to reach the likeness of our Lord  by teaching them the biblical process on how to apply God's truth to their daily life.